Summer Planner Spread

Christine Circle 2

My family is ready to dive in and start planning summer fun!  Christine joining you today with a planner spread in my Live Bold Planner that uses both stickers and pieces from the new Project Pads.

Planner Collage

Summer Planner Spread Supplies: Live Bold Planner, Hearts Project Pad, Live Bold Labels, Travel Planner Stickers, Live Bold Planner Stickers, Family Planner Stickers


I used a wide variety of the planner stickers throughout this spread – three different sets as well as adding in some label stickers!

I worked some Live Bold Labels into my border between the dates and my plans.

I used lots of flower stickers from the Live Bold Planner Stickers to create a border between my date and plans.  I also incorporated some hearts from the Hearts Project Pad here.

The Travel Planner Stickers totally got the job done for me this week…just what I needed for a week with lots of travel!

Wanna see a little more into my planning and check out the stickers up close – here’s a video walk thru for you!

Thanks so much for joining me today!  Be sure to grab those fabulous planner products while you can!

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