Happy Friday, Paper House fans! Today we’re showing off our last two Life Organized planners, “Everyday Moments” and “Always and Forever.” Just like the others, these are 18-month planners that are undated so you can start them at any time. Each cover features foil, there are 18 beautiful tabbed dividers throughout, and three perfectly coordinating sticker sheets are included.

The “Everyday Moments” planner can be your place to write down all of the little things that make up your daily life. Record busy schedules, special events, and to-do lists alongside the planner’s fun florals and eclectic patterns. Gold foil accented stickers will add a special touch to whatever you write, whether it’s day-to-day information or memory planning.

Today’s second planner is “Always and Forever.” Planning a wedding is a major undertaking, and this planner will help keep all of the details organized. Wedding-specific stickers are included both as decorative elements and to help with the planning process by calling out events and milestones. There are even countdown stickers so you can remind yourself exactly how much time there is until the big day!

This concludes our Life Organized planner sneak peeks. We hope you’ve seen a design that will inspire you to plan! Next week, we’ll reveal all of our new planner stickers and labels. There are designs that coordinate with our planner themes, as well as some fun extras! Stay tuned!


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