Hey there, crafters! This morning, we’re revealing our brand new Sticker Craft Sets, which are a simple way to complete beautiful projects. Each kit contains three 10″x12″ self-adhesive sheets, a 3D sticker, and an alphabet sticker. Sticker Craft Sets are available in three great designs: Old World Travel, Baby Boy, and Baby Girl. Not only do they coordinate with our Old World, Baby Boy, and Baby Girl  Flipbooks, but the two baby sets even match the new Hello Baby collection (boy and girl) from last week’s Sneak Peek; they’re perfect to carry on the theme!

You can use the large sticker sheets to cover monogram letters, boxes, cards, frames, or anything else you can think of! They stick to basically any smooth, dry, clean surface such as wood, paper, plastic, or ceramic. When you initially place them down, they’re very forgiving in case you need to try again… they don’t become permanently stuck until you burnish them! Once you have your base down, the coordinating stickers are perfect to embellish, creating any sort of project you can dream up!


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